1921 phone number

.What is the 1921 phone number?

In order to combat COVID-19 and to map the spread of the virus, the government is initiating a telephonic feedback system in which calls will be made to citizens to get the status and real picture of the disease’s spread.

The government will be conducting a telephonic survey calling up citizens on their mobile phones across the country.

“This is to be carried out by NIC and calls will be made to mobile phones from the calling number 1921,” said a statement from the government.

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Give Missed call on 1921 to participate in Telephonic Survey for Covid-19

This is a toll free service . User will give a missed call to the number 1921. Call will get disconnected and citizen will receive a call back . The self assessment asked are same as the aarogyasetu App. Based on the responses given, citizens will get a SMS indicating the health status. Citizen will continue to get alerts for his health moving forward also

Tele survey through 1921 Public are informed that

https://www.mohfw.gov.in › pdf › UpdatedTelesurveythrough1921.pdf
number 1921. Public are informed that • The call will be coming into mobile phones from the calling number 1921. • People are informed that it is a genuine survey and are requested to participate in good measure when a call comes in from 1921 to enable proper feedback of the prevalence and distribution of Covid symptoms. • Please be aware of any other calls by pranksters or or calls from any other number in the guise of such similar survey States/UTs are requested to 1. To inform about …

Coronavirus: You may soon get a call from 1921; here’s why you need to …

https://www.businesstoday.in › latest › trends › story › coronavirus-you-may-soon-get-a-call-from-1921-heres-why-you-need-to-answer-256329-2020-04-23
“Only a phone call from the number 1921 is an authentic survey-related call,” the health ministry notification said. The health ministry has requested states and union territories to inform people …

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