best way to build backlinks free of cost




1) Google+ (PR: 9)

You don’t need a Google+ business page or profile. Please create one and add some information about your story and introduction. Add your site links to your writing and you will get dofollow inbound hyperlinks.

2) SlideShare (PR :

SlideShare is a community for presentation where people can upload and share slides created with PowerPoint, PDF Keynote, Keynote, OpenDocument, Keynote, or Keynote. Once you have created a LinkedIn account, upload a presentation to link back to your site via the description and profile fields.

3) Dailymotion (PR :

Dailymotion is a video sharing website that can be used as an alternative to YouTube. Dailymotion allows you to easily get backlinks. Simply upload your YouTube videos and include your website links in their description field.

4) Dribble(PR: 7)

Dribbble is a community of designers. You will need an image or design shot that you can upload and link back to the description field. Flaticons can be used with a free stock photo and Photoshop to create designer-like shots.

5) (PR: 8)

It is the only social network website with a domain extension Upload papers and documents related to your research. Add external links to the document. The HTML preview of your document will be displayed on the site automatically.

Sources of Social & Media Content

6) Reddit(PR: 8)

Reddit is an online social network for external links. Community members can submit links to web content such as articles, images, videos, and more. Reddit allows you to write a text posting and get more backlinks.

7) Digg (PR : 7)

Digg is a news aggregater. To get Digg links, you will need to have a quality article that covers the most recent news. Digg did not add a no-follow tag to their site because they consider publishers to be their main content.

8) Imgur

Imgur is a great website for image hosting and an excellent source to download free GIFs. Imgur allows you to share images or GIFs and also add links in the description field. From video createand share, you can create animated GIFs.

9) Flickr (PR : 9)

Flickr is a photo- and video hosting site. This is a great resource to find free images for your web content. Many sites and blogs use Flickr images to create article and product content. They also link back the creator’s site. Upload images to Flickr and include links in the description.

10) DeviantArt(PR: 7)

DeviantArt is an online community for artists and designers. To get a link back to the source, submit an Art or publish a Journal Entry. To submit a journal entry, email verification is required.

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