cowin certificate download by mobile number

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You can visit and click on “Register/Sign In. Log in with the registered mobile number that you used at the time of registration. Click on the “International Travel Certificate” tab against your dose 2 details. You will be required to enter your date of birth and passport number and click on Submit.

Covid Vaccination Certificate – Download COWIN vaccination certificate …

Download COWIN Vaccination certificate in just 1 click.Vaccine certificate for 1st dose and 2nd dose issued by cowin is available to be downloaded. Vaccination certificate is issued by the government of India. It acts as a proof of successful vaccination and can be used for any medico legal processes. Home. Connected Care. Covid-19. About CoWIN. Book Vaccination Slot. Download Vaccine Certificate. Change Mobile Number. Add Passport Details. ABDM. NEW. About ABDM. Health ID. Eka Stories …

Cowin Certificate Download by Mobile Number

I will explain all the steps that you’ll have to follow to download your Covid-19 vaccination certificate using your mobile number. Follow these steps carefully so that you have the certificate in your hands immediately.

Step-1: Access the Cowin Portal

The first step is to access the portal, You can do this on a computer or your mobile phone browser. The portal is the official website of the Indian government and the certificate that you will get from it is valid across India as well as some other countries, if you’re traveling.

Step-2: Login to the Cowin Portal

This is where your mobile number comes in. You have to login to the portal using your mobile phone number. Remember, this has to be the same number from which you registered for the Covid-19 vaccine or which you gave at the walk-in vaccination center.

Once you key in the number, request for the One Time Password. You will receive the OTP on your SMS. This has to be keyed in for login to the portal.

Step-3: Check Your Vaccination Status

Once you login to the, it will indicate your vaccination status. The date on which you took the first and the second vaccine, your unique identification number for the vaccine (Beneficiary Reference ID) and other details such as the location or the vaccine center will appear.

These will be shown in green letters. Unless both these are shown in green, you cannot download the certificate for the final vaccination.

Step-4: Download the Covid Vaccine Certificate

And finally, download the fully vaccinated certificate from the link that appears on this page. The vaccination certificate is official since it comes from the portal.

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