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How do I get GDRFA approval?

To get the GDRFA acceptance, you need to first make sure that you meet all the requirements listed above. Then, follow the steps listed below.

  • Visit the GDRFA’s portal online to begin the application process.
  • Gather the necessary documents: the passport you have, your visa, and Emirates ID. You’ll be required to input the Resident File number. Look for this number on your visa, under file. Complete the form in accordance with your visa.
  • The remaining documents you must provide include such as a vaccination certification, test PCR results along with a photograph along with a copy of your passport
  • Before submitting your application ensure that the information you provide is correct before clicking send

In the event that your request is approved you will receive an email with an GDRFA reference code will be delivered to your email address.

Dubai entry conditions

UAE residents who are leaving Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Sudan need to obtain both GDRFA as well as ICA approval prior to getting to Dubai. This does not apply to those who hold other visas such as:

  • new issued employment or residence visas
  • Short-stay or long-stay visas
  • Holders of a 10-year UAE Golden visa
  • applicants of the Investor Visa for Partner or Investor
  • Visit visa or visa upon arrival


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