Bhabua road railway station phone number

Station Name: Bhabua Road (BBU)
Railway Division: Mughal Sarai Jn
Railway Zone: ECR/East Central Railway

Varanasi Babatpur Airport/VNS 87Km

Bhabua Road Railway station (BBU) comes under ECR/East Central Railway Zone of Indian Railways. 
Bhabua Road Railway Station handles over 44 trains daily (Up/Down) and serves about 66000 passengers everyday. 
There are about 22 Trains which starts/passes from Bhabua Road Railway Station and are displayed below.

bhabua road railway station phone number
Bhabua Road 06187-222222

# Train No. Train Name From To
1 12802 Ndls Puri Purshottam New Delhi Puri
2 53361 Brka Bsb Pass Barkakana Varanasi Jn
3 53610 Mgs Dos Pass Mughal Sarai Jn Dehri On Sone
4 12381 Poorva Express Howrah Jn New Delhi
5 12801 Puri Ndls Purushottam Puri New Delhi
6 12397 Mahabodhi Exp Gaya Jn New Delhi
7 12308 Ju Hwh Supfast Jodhpur Jn Howrah Jn
8 22308 Bkn Mtd Bikaner Jn Howrah Jn
9 54271 Ara Ssm Mgs Passenger Ara Mughal Sarai Jn
10 13010 Doon Express Dehradun Howrah Jn
11 18632 Aii Rnc Express Ajmer Jn Ranchi
12 53521 Asn Bsb Pass Asansol Jn Varanasi Jn
13 54272 Bikramganj Mgs Pass. Mughal Sarai Jn Ara
14 22911 Shipra Express Indore Jn Bg Howrah Jn
15 12312 Klk Dli Hwh Mail Kalka Howrah Jn
16 22409 Gaya Anvt Garib Rath Gaya Jn Anand Vihar Trm
17 12876 Ndls Puri Neelachal New Delhi Puri
18 14224 Budhpurnima Exp Varanasi Jn Rajgir
19 18610 Ltt Rnc Weekly Express Lokmanya Tilak Term Ranchi
20 13308 Gangasatluj Exp

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