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About Entry App: 

Entry App is a mobile app that allows users to access access-controlled places. The app can be used to identify users by scanning a QR code or entering a password. The app is a convenient and secure way for users to access access-controlled places.

Entry App is available for both Android and iOS devices. The app is free to download, but a subscription is required to provide some features.

Some of the benefits of using Entry App are:

  • Convenience: Users can use their phones to access access-controlled places. This eliminates the need to take their keys out of their bags.
  • Security: Entry App uses a QR code or password to identify users to access access-controlled places. This helps to prevent criminals from accessing access-controlled places.
  • Management: Entry App allows users to control access to access-controlled places. This allows users to control who can enter and who cannot enter.

If you are looking for a mobile app that allows you to access your access-controlled places, Entry App is a good option. It is a convenient, secure, and manageable way.

Here are some of the features of Entry App:

  • QR code scanning: Users can scan a QR code to access an access-controlled place.
  • Password entry: Users can enter a password to access an access-controlled place.
  • Access control: Users can control who can access an access-controlled place.
  • Log management: Users can view a log of who has accessed an access-controlled place.
  • Notifications: Users can receive notifications when someone attempts to access an access-controlled place.

If you are interested in using Entry App, you can download it from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.

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Entry App 

Contact Number: +

Email Address : support@entri.me

Official Website:  www.

Entry App Contact Us Page:  www.

 Office Address : 

Entry App Contact Details

 Phone Number :



Map Direction :  

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Facebook :
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