Indian railways cancellation/refund rules for train tickets

Indian railway has proposed to introduce sweeping changes in train ticket cancellation and refunding. The changes are likely to come into effect from July 1.
Cancellation of unused reserved ticket
A flat rate would be deducted as minimum cancellation charge for unused reserved tickets presented for cancellation more than 48hours instead of existing 24 hours before train departure. AC-I — Rs 120, AC-II & Class-I — Rs 100, AC-III & AC chair car — Rs 90, SL — Rs 60, Second class — Rs 30.
Cancellation charge would be 25% of the fare (subject to minimum cancellation charge) if presented between 48 hours and up to six hours instead of 24 hours and up to four hours before scheduled train departure.
Cancellation fee would be 50% of the ticket fare if presented for cancellation within six hours instead of existing four hours before the train departure and up to two hours irrespective of distance instead of existing three, six and 12 hours for distance 200/200-250 and 500kms and above after actual train departure.
No refund would be granted on reserved ticket if it were surrendered for cancellation after two hours of the actual train departure.
Waitlist or RAC tickets
No refund would be granted on RAC /WL tickets after three hours of the actual train departure.
A WL/RAC ticket could be presented for cancellation up to three hours after the actual train departure irrespective of the distance. In case of non-availability of current counters at journey originating station for night trains leaving bet­ween 9pm and 6am, refund would be admitted at the station within first two hours after opening reservation office.
Refund of fares for confirmed and RAC e-tickets would be done as per ordinary unused reserved/ RAC tickets. In case of party or family e-ticket where a few passengers are confirmed and few are on RAC/WL, a certificate ought to be obtained from ticket checking staff for WL/RAC and refund should be processed online through TDR, indicating details of certificates issued by ticket checking staff.
The online TDR should be field up to 72 hours of actual arrival of train at destination and original certificate issued by ticket checking staff should be sent though post to IRCTC. Refund would not be permitted for confirmed e-tickets if filed online two hours after train departure. Refund of RAC e-tickets filed online after three hours of actual train departure would not be admitted.
No confirmed tatkal ticket would be refunded. Tatkal tickets on WL would be in accordance with rule for unused waitlisted or RAC tickets. In case of party/family tatkal ticket where some persons have confirmed reservation and others are on WL, full refund of fare with less clerkage would be admitted for confirmed passengers as well if the entire tatkal ticket is surrendered for cancellation within six hours before or up to two hour after scheduled train departure.
Advancing or postponement of confirmed /RAC /WL tickets would be allowed in same class for same destination instead of any longer distance or any higher class by the same or different train for subsequent days if the ticket is surrendered during working hours of reservation office at least 48hours instead of 24 hours before scheduled train departure.
Full fare would be refunded without cancellation / clerkage charge to all passengers holding reserved, RAC and WL tickets if the journey is not undertaken due to late running of the train more than three hours of scheduled train departure from the station commencing the journey.  However, the ticket should be surrendered up to actual departure instead of existing 3, 6 and 12 hours for 200/250-500 and 500kms and above after actual train departure.
Duplicate ticket would be issued for lost, misplaced, torn or mutilated confirmed/WL tickets on payment of Rs 50 per passenger for second and SL classes and Rs 100 for other classes. But, the application for duplicate ticket should be made before preparing reservation chart of concerned train.

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