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NTUC FairPrice Co-Operative is a supermarket chain based in Singapore and the largest in the country. The company is a co-operative of the National Trades Union Congress. The group has 100 supermarkets across the island, with over 160 outlets of Cheers convenience stores island-wide

NTUC FairPrice Customer service Contact Details

Here you will Find  NTUC FairPrice Customer service Number, Email ID,  Complaint Number, and Other Best Method  To reach NTUC FairPrice Customer care Executives.

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NTUC FairPrice

Customer Service Number
6380 5858.
Timing : 8.00am – 10.00pm


Email Support :

Official Website:

You can also visit help.fairprice.com.sg for help & support.

 Office Address

NTUC FairPrice Customer service Number

Customer care Number
Call : 6380 5858.

FairPrice Online Customer Service Hotline: 6380 5858.

Operating hours: 8.00am – 10.00pm (Mondays – Sundays, including Public Holidays).


Reference Link : https://help.fairprice.com.sg/hc/en-us/articles/360021636452

NTUC FairPrice Customer support Email ID

Support Email Id :general.feedback@fairprice.com.sg

If the problem with NTUC FairPrice Product/Service, you can email him at general.feedback@fairprice.com.sg with your mobile number, problem statement, and relevant screenshots (if any). NTUC FairPrice customer support representative will get in touch with you to help resolve the issue.

The customer will receive a response from the team within 10 business days but there would be instances wherein the team may even take longer to respond/reply.

Reference Link :

How To Make Complaints?

If the customer not satisfied with the response at NTUC FairPrice Customer care/Service, can further escalate the matter/query/complaint to the below:

Complaints / Escalation :

A customer can escalate the matter to in case he/she is not satisfied with the response from the Customer Care team. Depending on the query/dispute/grievance, a written reply/resolution will be sent to the customer within 10 business days at his/her registered email id with the Company.

Reference Link :https://www.facebook.com/thatsmyfairprice

Help on official Social Media Platform

You can also Get help Brand  Official Social Media Page.
Facebook :  https://www.facebook.com/thatsmyfairprice
Twitter :


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  1. https://www.facebook.com/thatsmyfairprice

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  1. I need to return my tennis shoes for the correct size please,my name is Gwendolyn Johnson gwenj1961@ iCloud.com

    • ORDER # US23582…..Comfortable Flat-bottomed Wear-resistant Slippers size 10-dark blue. I don’t know how to upload a picture..I tried to copy & paste on your site but it won’t let me do that. The piece between the toes hurts too much to wear them. Please REFUND my money. How do I send these back to you?

  2. ORDER # US23582…..Comfortable Flat-bottomed Wear-resistant Slippers size 10-dark blue. I don’t know how to upload a picture..I tried to copy & paste on your site but it won’t let me do that. The piece between the toes hurts too much to wear them. Please REFUND my money. How do I send these back to you?

  3. I am a resident staying at keppelbay condo. I am a regular customer n i used to buy my staff that i nid at cheers carribean. I not happy, dissapointed n angry with one of the staff name fatin with very bad attitude n no manner towards the the customer. Her customer service was very bad. The rest of the staff was very good. I nid to bring up one of the staff working in cheers carribean if i not wrong the name is ayu. She has a wonderful customer service n i seldom mit her or c her at work. She is a good staff, caring, helpful, friendly, cheerful n always make customer happy. She like to play with kids n joke with kids whoever maid bring down the kids to the store. Her customer service was super duper good. I salute her customer service. Thumb up to the staff name ayu. I hope pls do something with another staff with no manner to customer name fatin if not i will go to MOM to update abt this matter regarding very rude staff name fatin. Pls take action…

  4. I would like to complain about the seemingly overnight disappearance of many online products. Weeks prior, I decided on some appliances that I wished to purchase. However, when I searched NTUC Fairprice website recently, these items were missing. They are however available in the physical stores. I would like to know why NTUC is indirectly forcing customers to physically shop at the outlets, and thus NOT supporting the government’s call for the public to avoid going out unless necessary?
    I hope that your reply (if there is one) would not be about making excuses about manpower shortages, etc. as this would imply that NTUC management practices is all reactionary, and not about being pro-active in navigating the uncertainties in this new world we find ourselves in. The first (and to date, only) lockdown began more than 1 year ago. That is long enough for experienced leadership to source for avenues to increase online sales, in reaction to new sales figures showing that online sales have indeed increased, and to anticipate that this trend is not a one-off thing.
    Thus, what is the reason for the disappearing items?

  5. If the driver and customer service officer treated me nastily and block me to get rid of me, without communication and solve the issue properly. How should I further complain? and who can help me.

  6. My name is Sarah Jackson I purchased the just so so tennis shoes and received the wrong size shoes without a packing slip inside to do a return I use the slip address on the front mail then to that address needed a size 8 the size I received was a size 5 so please send me my shoes they were black with red letters or return me my money

  7. I have purchased a packet of royal apple 🍎 one of it was rotten. Another incident I purchased 2 boxes of golden kiwi 🥝 one of it also rotten. Another incident I purchased a packet of nai bai vegetable, out of 8 pcs, 2 pcs was badly damaged.
    Pictures and receipts are available for above.
    Please advise if I can get any refund.

  8. Hi , I had been using Mr muscle floor clean and toilet bowl cleaner but found that their new batches bare very dilute wondering if they added water to the products , kindly assist to feedback to the company.
    Thank you

  9. Hi afternoon , I’m Alvin liew here from yishun fairprice and I wil like to asking something and is that have any of office to taking care ?

  10. Amk hub Ntuc xtra delivered Toshiba 8kg washing machine send my house without filter.after many day then i found out no filter . this case is my bad experiance from ntuc delivery service.

  11. Pls employ more cashier at fairprice. Recently the covid cases increase everyone is sufferring same to the staff in fairprice. They need to cover their covid positive colleague to do many ot n works. Really sick n tired of this work enviroment .

  12. Hi, to whomever it may concern, I always patronise the Clementi outlet and I always see customers opening fruit packs especially kiwi and exchanging. Something needs to be done on the packaging. Firstly hygiene issue, secondly it’s not fair for the unlucky customer who is gg to grab the kiwis that has been exchanged. I have encountered buying the sun gold kiwi and ended up with the green ones inside! N I paid for the gold kiwis! How annoying! Do something to ur eggs as well! Or make sure to educate the staff to tell off such customers!I informed one of the staff and she just laughed it off! It’s not fair for other consumers and to those who are doing such unethical acts they ought to be taught a lesson, if they want to choose your kiwis and eggs then they need to go to wet market n not supermarket! Ntuc pls look into this if not this is gg to end up in social media platforms very very soon with evidence!

  13. The delivery driver of your Co Van No 4006U came to deliver goods to a resident in Block 405 Bukit Batok West Ave 7 at 10++ am. He left his van in d Neutral mode & went to deliver. This practice is not allowed for all vehicles. Unfortunately, I didn’t have a phone to take a photo of the vehicle. I’m also able to identify the driver. Please caution your driver otherwise, I’ll feedback to LTA directly. Please contact me at 91150206 if you need further clarification.

  14. Dear Sir
    Your product ” Fairprice. Chapatti” is not chappati but pratha. Chappati is not flaky or oily. It is soft textured and dry. Any Indian will be whocked to discover that you have marketed a product falsely.

  15. About fairprice voucher get from my son infrant school cant be use but i hear from the treacher is that got one customer buy the child item can use y my voucher can’t be use you all cashier never accept my voucher but accept other customer with the same vocher as mine

  16. A very bad service at bukit ho swee ntuc been telling off all the time as I checking the price at the cashier also mention she have a long queue when I see only lee then 5xpeople

  17. We went to NTUC Jurong East block 135 for shopping.
    The trolley handle is Greasy and sticky .My husband notice that his both hands are dirty after pushing the trolley.
    He went to fish session area to wash his hand but the dirt was not able to remove .

  18. I’ve bought a box Driscoll’s Raspberries on 1Oct night at Changi city point, upon return home, found that too many rotten raspberries underneath..
    I’ve called up, but unable to connect up.