Piezo Technology India Pvt Ltd Contact Details, Enquiry and Helpline Number Noida

Piezo Technology India Pvt Ltd Toll Free Number : +91 120 2562014

It is based on the facility of confident crystals to generate an electrical charge. Mechanically loaded with pressure or tension which is called the direct piezo effect. These crystals undergo a controlled deformation when exposed to an electric field a behavior referred to as the inverse piezo effect. The polarity of the charge depends on the orientation of the crystal relative to the direction of the pressure. The Piezoelectric Actuators developed by CEDRAT TECHNOLOGIES have the following outstanding characteristics: high force and large displacement in compact sizes, high resolution.

Piezo Technology India Contact Number :
Phone Number : (120) 2562014

Piezo Technology India Contact Details :
SDF-D3 Noida Export Processing Zone
Noida : 201301
Uttar Pradesh ,India
Phone Number : (120) 2562014

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