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Party:INCS/o|D/o|W/o: Patlolla Indra ReddyA

ge: 53A

ddress: H No 2/26, Kowkuntla Village, Chevella Mandal, Ranga Reddy, Dist 5015033, Telangana StateName Enrolled as Voter in: Chevella (Telangana)

constituency , at Serial no 459 in Part no 288

Contact Number: 984803309, 04023757108
Self Profession:Politician & Farming

Opp. Mahavir Hospital, Masab Tank, Hyderabad – 500028.

Ph.No. 040 – 23311879 , 040-23331119.


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41 thoughts on “SABITHA INDRA REDDY”

  1. Hello Mam…Myself Sneha ..
    Inter 2 nd year student ..its a humble request to u mam to postpone the exams to June ….As we have only few days to go for our exams we are suffering from lot of problems ….Plz its a request to u mam….don’t cancel the exams but at least postpone the exams to June…Plz plz plz plz plz Take a decision as early as possible about the students request towards the examinations …..Plz mam

    • Respected mam,
      My name is Navya sree, I Completed my degree in Acharya Nagarjuna University Distance Education Guntur through one of the college in Bhadradri Kothagudem distict in 2016-2018.Now I Wrote TSLAWCET exam and got seat allotment in Keshav memorial law college, Narayana Guda, Hyderabad. When I went to certificate verification they told that the degree is invalid. Checked with TS council, and they said same. They rejected to equivalent certificate, I lost my seat in that college and I have already paid challan 12400. Also they were saying, this certificates for open university will not be considered in any of the other courses and Government Jobs too.. Please advice me how to continue my Studies now. please advise mam 🙏🙏🙏 Thanking you, Navya sree…..

  2. Mam iam a student of intermediate 1st year this year due to this pandemic situation we had suffered a lot and mam in my college till now syllabus is not completed and we have gone to collage only 2 months and from March 24 th again closed all educational institutions in this short period of time how can a student prepare for his/her exams and get good Mark’s and you can thing that about online classes mam but online classes will not full fill all the syllabus and understanding in online classes is very less than in offline classes mam so putting exams in this situation may lead to severe consequences and even now the students are very stress about exams mam so take a decision by thinking about all these things mam and announce the decision as early as possible mam hope you understand our situations mam please thank you so much mam

  3. Mam iam vignya of 11th standard , whatever the decision is inform to us early we are not able to understand what is going on if the exams are postponed to june or so far is there any guaranty that this pandamic situation does not exist it also may increase a bit ryt so plz what ever the decision inform it soon to us and try to conduct exam from may 1st

  4. Mam I am a private teacher. All my coligues get kcr private teacher fund. Still now I don’t get any financial help from government. Please help me madam 🙏🙏

  5. Mam my name is omar ….I am from mahabubnagar plzz mam it’s my humble request to postpone our 2nd year exams to July….please mam please ….mam we thought the GOVT will pass to us also …please mam ….please mam…please ……In zoom classes we didn’t listen classes mam….because of insufficient of net balance mam…..and in the month of may on 11 me and my dad have been suffered with an accident on jcl road …now also I am some what disturbed from that mam …plzz postpone the exams or pass to us also mam plzzz…..I beg u mam ….(mi kaal Pattu kunta mam ..nen pass Chestarr emo .mak kuda ankunna maam )

  6. Good morning mam
    I’m Ramesh from dharur mandal I’m pvt teacher. I dint get benefit from govt in list 1 and 2 i dint get any financial and 25kg rice mam I don’t know y I’m not understanding i asked school management they said we send my list pls if any chance again pls help mam.

  7. Respected mam
    Iam working as a teacher in private school.that school is not recognised by the govt so i didn’t get 2000 rs.that is not our problem na maam so i request you to provide this benifit to us also.

  8. Nanamma I am very poor My name is Hemanth My dad is Ward member of Maheshwaram in your constituency there is mo house for us once you come and see our house how it is please help me .I will give my contact My contact is 7032575559 I know you will see this .

  9. 01 July 2021
    The Hon’ble Education Minister
    Government of Telangana

    Respected Sir,

    Sub: Request to conduct ONLINE EXAMINATION for Osmania University Affiliated Engineering and Degree colleges on par with Autonomous Colleges.
    It is learned that online examinations are being conducted for Osmania University Autonomous College while students from Affiliated college have to write their exams offline.
    We the students of OSMANIA UNIVERSITY affiliated colleges are writing this letter in these unfortunate times of covid-19 requesting you to conduct our examination online which is scheduled to be starting in the month of July.
    Considering the impact, the new delta+ variant of Covid-19 is having on the younger population and the fact that most live with highly vulnerable individuals in our families, the risk for us attending college is significantly high. In these tough times, many of us have lost their closed ones and going through serious PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder), and many of the students have not been vaccinated yet, getting through these struggling hours have been a challenge already it, now gaining the courage to come and attend exams for the many and more of us living with COVID PHOBIA is going to have a huge toll on our mental health as well hence We would like to request you to kindly allow us to continue our examinations online. We hope this request can be accommodated and We appreciate the support provided by the university and government of Telangana during these tough times.
    We request you to kindly issue necessary orders to the Education Minister and the Vice-Chancellor of Osmania University for conducting online Examinations for all the Osmania University Engineering and Degree colleges of Telangana.
    A petition has been signed by 17000+ Students on · Requesting conduction of exams in online mode. ·
    We appreciate the support provided by the government of Telangana during these tough times.
    Thanking Chief Minister of Telangana
    Sri K.Chandrashekar Rao

    Thanking You,
    Yours Truly,

  10. Good morning madam , Name N Balraj 2012-2016 R09 batch college coad GBNIP , subject mathematics 1st year…
    Madam 10years nundi supply rasthunna , but failed JNTU Hyderabad , ok okka subject valana full distab authunna madam , Amma nanna ni poshinchali jobs cheddam anukunna certificate ledhu , naku heart prblm undhi madam heavy tention authundhi madam , poor family madam , dayachesi pass marks vesela cheyandi madam please , new marriage aindhi naku bt no jobs , no certificate so sucied chesukundam anukuntunna madam monna exam rasanu July 6th 2021, supply exam , results pass chesela chudandi madam, inter , 10th vaaru exam rayakundane pass chesi certificate issued chesthunnaru, bt plz madam pass chesela cheyandi madam please…. final ga sucied chesukuntanu thank you madam

  11. Medam,
    Iam a student of iiit Basar,
    Medam in iiit basar 6-9-2021 nundi Exama peduthunnaru e covid-19 situtation lo exams ala rayali medam maa parents vadhu vellaku collage ki ani antannaru mari meere please maa exams eppudu pettadhu ani news lo cheppandi please medam maaku corona valla chala nayam undhe medam dhayachesi meere exams cancel or postpone chepiyandi medam please.malli third wave vache avakasham undhe kadha medam please.nenu government school lo chadhuvukunna andhuki naku sariga english radhu.please medam 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  12. Hi mam
    My self Shaikh Noishadbee
    Please mam once requested to mam my daughter admission requested
    Admission of a my daughter 3rd class please mam she is now hostel mam
    But right now the government rules change children to bring them home but my condition is not like this, I am sorry if I did not make any mistake in English. I don’t no perfect English

  13. Allocation to sangareddy under spouse ground
    నేను మినహాజ్ నాజిమా, స్కూల్ అసిస్టెంట్ మ్యాథ్స్
    నేను కోరుకున్న జిల్లా సంగారెడ్డి కాగ మెదక్ అలాట్ చేయబడింది.
    అలా కావడం వల్ల జిల్లాలోనే కాదు జోన్, మల్టీ జోన్ కూడా మారిపోతున్నాయి.
    సంగారెడ్డి జిల్లాలో మొత్తం 25 వేకెన్సీ లు ఉండగా స్పౌజ్ కింద అప్లై చేసుకున్న వారు ఐదుగురు మాత్రమే అందులో నా స్థానం రెండవది. అయినప్పటికీ సంగారెడ్డిలో రావడానికి ఇష్టపడేవారు జీరో అని చూపడం జరుగుతుంది.
    మీయొక్క కరుణ తు నాకు న్యాయం జరిపి సంగారెడ్డి అలాట్ అయ్యేలా చూస్తారని ఆశిస్తూ…
    employee id 1807721

  14. Hello madam..we are writting from area of police commissionarate .telecom nagar colony.there are few schools kinder gardens specially little milinium n iris florest they are running schools with out precautions and when govt closes also they are open ..little milaniun was open all over year when all india was shut.sad part is some police higher official stay in same colony ,still they are unnoticed.

  15. Hi mam telangan govt notifications is all education institute is closed but one school is running in oldcity ( modern high school recognised by the govt telangana state hyd 500064 cell 9553550620 address 20-1-350/5 koka bazar lane opp hussaini alam post office) school timming is 9:00am to 1:45pm school running I request to u take action save the children.

  16. medam vidyodaya high school is not giving
    Off days medam they are not following our
    Government system they have doing what they want medam do any thing
    Vidyodaya high school HM NUMBER
    9848019598 HM NUMBER MEDAM

  17. Hello mam what happened about language pandit counselling…. Is stopped from 2018 .. Why government playing with human being emotion….

    • Hello madam, mam u r going to provide free classes for poor students for groups preparation,tnq.But as a house wife ,i request u to provide those free classes online ,will it be possible mam.

  18. To Education Minister
    Good Afternoon Madam This is my humble request please visit suddenly like Ex CM Chandrababu Naidu Sir once students inform to CM Sir abount two teachers Kusumpura High School Karwan Area CM Sur Suspended on the spot. all schools are maintaining good record whereas D>E>O inside the Layola College opp Nizam College head office not maintaining the SERVICE BOOKS OF THE STAFF RETIRED / EXPIRED/ RECORED SECTION IS like bump yard / garbage not maintaining proper register all spider webs like gufa Please SUDDEN VISIT to D.E.O. office like Ex CM Chadrababu Naidu Sir. Create one OMBUDSMAN GRIEVANCE CELL so immediately we will approach like RBI LIC Post Office. pls needful ingetting SR Book D,E,O office Thanking you.

  19. Good Evening madam. We are the parents of class 10 students. As government announced exams to be conducted on 23 May, 2022,please mam, it is humble request to conduct exams on alternate days because of high temperature and our children are unable to study at home also due to heat. We don’t know where the centers are allotted and after writing the exam the students are also tired. So it is better to put exams on alternate days. So they can study better and write. Please take the decision as early as possible.

  20. Gd evng mam
    Undrawn Pension Arrears Smt.G.Manoharam, M B High School, Musheerabad PPO No: 06-S-017952 still pending since 2011, would you mind reminding the DEO office people please.

  21. Hello maam i am Jyotsna, big and humble request to you from a parent plz reduce the school timing of the schools it 8.15 am to 3..00 pm till the time kids reached at home its 4 or 4.30 pm. After that bundles of Home work they have to finish. Kids are so pressureized by schools to finish there work .In Telengana kids of PP 1 to 12th school timing are tooo long .Humble humble request from all kids and parents to you to look into this matter .
    Waiting for reply

  22. Dear madam.
    Good morning.
    Myself Laxmi kavya from Hyderabad. I had written my Emcet exam in 2022. And I scored good marks. I request you to please help me for my seat in Engineering collage in Hyderabad. I’m from a poor family. And my father is alive he is no more with my family he paas away 12years back. My mother struggled and she reached us till here. Now she is also very weak with her health. I’m interested to study further. Please madam I am awaiting for your great support with a needful help in engineering seat in any one of good college campus. Please give me a life to prove myself with you great support and help.

    Thank you madam
    Laxmi kavya.

  23. Hello Ma’am! It’s a humble request to please release the result of TS SSC Re Evaluation 2022! It’s been 2 month I applied for Re Evaluation but the results are not released yet!! Plzz Ma’am release the result soon!!

  24. Hello Mam
    My Self Mohammed Akheel
    TRS Vice President
    Kohir Mandal SANGAREDDY Dist

    Please unblock 13 districts 🙏🙏🙏
    Spouse victims

  25. Respective mam good morning my name is snan Santosh Reddy requesting to you in private schools the education is very high and critical to students in 9:00 a.m. to 8:30 p.m. have study hours and also Sunday classes to 10th class this is very critical to students nofical activities and mental activities and family Times the students are problem in this problems please solve the problems thank you

  26. Respect mam I am vasavi i student 10th class i fell one subject I write all Question But I fell this is not correct I write very good But I fell please check my pepper ok na madam

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  28. After giving order of all Education
    Institute to be closed,How can Villa Mary College, Somajiguda run the college telling it’s important to attend the class
    Word One School at Hafeezpet to be opened and they have to write exams otherwise they will be failed pl. Help the parents pl.

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